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Hubs: ↘Cape Coral ↖Saint Petersburg ↗Brandon ↖Tampa ↖Clearwater ↗Lakeland ↗Orlando ↗Port Saint Lucie ↘Coral Springs ↘Sunrise ↘West Palm Beach ↘Plantation ↘Davie ↘Pompano Beach ↘Pembroke Pines
Towns: ↑Englewood ↖South Venice ↗North Port ↖Venice ↗Port Charlotte ↘Punta Gorda Isles ↘Punta Gorda ↖Gulf Gate Estates ↖Bee Ridge ↖Sarasota Springs ↖Fruitville ↖Sarasota ↖Bayshore Gardens ↘North Fort Myers ↘Cape Coral ↖South Bradenton ↘Iona ↘Fort Myers ↖Bradenton ↘Cypress Lake ↖Palmetto ↘Villas ↘San Carlos Park ↘Estero ↘Lehigh Acres ↗Sun City Center ↗Greater Sun Center ↘Bonita Springs ↖Saint Pete Beach ↖Gulfport
Zipcodes: ↖Z34223 ↘Z34224 ↖Z34293 ↘Z33947 ↘Z33981 ↗Z34287 ↗Z33953 ↘Z33946 ↖Z34292 ↖Z34285
Communities: ↗Lot 11 ↙Lot 20 blk 2 goulds ↘Unit 524 pine hollow ↗Lot 12 beverly circle ↗Lot 10 coral lane ↗Lot 14 la reba ↖Lots 1 ↗Lot 5 caroll wood estates ↗Lot 14 harwich circle ↖Lots 15 16 17 ↖Lot 33 lasbury pineacres engle ↗Lot 24 lakeview terrace ↙Lot 18 blk 2 palm viewof ↗Lot 1 blk b resteiner heights ↗Lot 1 englewood heights south ↗Lot 30 englewood heights ↖Lot 13 blk 2 lamppsof lot ↙Lot 12 blk 2 allenwood ↘Unit 26206 quails run phase 26 ↙Lot 4 blk 2 pine havenof ↗Lot 1 broadway terrace ori 200 ↗Lot 1 blk b deer creek estates ↗Lot 14 creek lane unit 2 ↗Lot 23 piccadilly estates ↘Lot 9 prospect parkof a p ↘Lot 7 blk b deer creek park un ↙Lot 7 paulsen place ↙Lot 12 blk b brucewood bayou ↖Unit 514 gulf bay centre ↗Unit 99 the lakes at park fore
Sights: ↗Englewood ↖Lemon Bay Woman's Club ↙Lemon Bay ↗WENG ↙Hermitage-Whitney Historic District ↙Manasota Key ↘Grove City ↘Stump Pass Beach State Park ↗Myakka State Forest ↖Manasota Scrub Preserve

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  WKII (1070 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a sports format. Licensed to Solana, Florida, USA, the station serves the greater Charlotte County area, but can be heard as far north as Tampa and as far south as Key West. The station is currently owned by iHeartMedia, Inc..  


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