TerraFly in the News

06.07.03 Parade.com
Should You Buy A Home Now?
See How Your Home Compares
02.10.03 Miami Herald
The Herald's Business Plan Challenge:
How did last year's winners fare?
02.06.03 Miami Today
FIU-realtors pact offers fly-over scans of nation
09.17.02 The Beacon
Terrafly allows users to fly over US, part of world
FIU project gets worldwide recognition
09.06.02 Bismarck Tribune
The things I can learn about you on the Internet
08.12.02 JS Online, Web site of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Fly home
08.05.02 The Miami Herald
TerraFly Makes Public Lands Debut
08.05.02 The Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Bird's-eye view of your neighborhood
08.01.02 The New York Times
Zoom Out, Then Nosedive: A Bird's-Eye View of Your Burg
07.22.02 Cleveland.com
Get bird's-eye view of any location
07.07.02 Database Trends and Applications Vol. 16 No.7
DB2 on Linux Powers High Performance Database Research Center
04.11.02 New Architect
Database Clustering
04.05.02 The Scout Report
General Interest, Volume 8, Number 12
04.05.02 The NSDL Scout Report for Physical Sciences
General,Volume 1, Number 6
04.02.02 Internet News - Broadcast on Hundreds of Radio Stations Worldwide
From a Distance
04.01.02 Miami Herald
This year's winner of the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge
03.20.02 Education World - The Educator's Best Friend
Virtually 'fly' over the entire U.S.
03.06.02 Jacksonville.com
Best bets on the Net
03.05.02 The Cairns Post
US geological database
02.11.02 InformationWeek.com
Tower Of Power
02.11.02 USA Today - Up-to-the-minute news & Information
Bird's-Eye View - USA Today award
02.08.02 CNGNU.org - a leading Chinese portal
Florida International University Chooses IBM Technology Running on Linux to Power its High Performance Database Research Center
01.31.02 Miami Today - Newspaper that serves the business and civic communities of Miami, Florida
FIU researchers seek commercial users for TerraFly technology
12.03.01 The Digital Missourian - Columbia Missourian newspaper
Discover: Make a map using a satellite
11.30.01 GeoTimes - Newsmagazine of the Earth Sciences
Earth science friendly Web site
11.29.01 GISDevelopment - an Asian GIS Portal
View any location in the United States at a one-meter resolution-without any expense
11.28.01 Publishing House ITC (Ukraine)
Happy Virtual Travel!
11.26.01 Geocommunity - Spatial News
USGS and FIU Join Forces to "Fly"
11.23.01 Space News.ru - Russian Space portal
Flight of Technology
11.20.01 Sueddeutsche Zeitung, a German newspaper
Virtual USA-Flight On the Net from Havana to Washington
 11.16.01 KTLA Channel 5 - Los Angeles' WB station
Terrafly (Hot Site)
 11.13.01 The Modesto Bee, a daily newspaper (Modesto, CA)
TerraFly renders data and landscape
 11.12.01 QuebecPME, a popular Canadian business portal
Fly over the United States like a bird
 11.9.01 Science Magazine
Come Fly With Me
 11.9.01 Computerra.ru, a leading Russian portal
Free flight and big business
 11.8.01 Aero-News Network
Fly by Satellite Over Continental US
 11.7.01 TechTV News
Fly Over US in Browser
 11.6.01 The Beacon
Surfers interact with satellite images
Terrafly expected to add $1 billion to economy
 11.5.01 Yahoo.com
TerraFly is Yahoo's top pick of the week
 11.5.01 digischool.nl - a Dutch educational portal
Fly over the world
11.03.01 OniNet.pt, a Portuguese news portal
Technology allows virtually fly over U.S.A. in real time
11.02.01 Digito.pt, a leading Portuguese portal
In real time: Fly over the U.S.A. via the Internet
11.02.01 Clix.pt, a Portuguese news portal
In real time: Fly over the U.S.A. via the Internet
10.31.01 Nature.com
One flew over the map shop
10.31.01 UniSci - International Science News
Website Lets Users Fly Over Earth's Surface, Get Data
10.31.01 Diario Las Américas
FIU presents an innovative Internet portal to fly
10.31.01 The BillingsGazette - Montana and Wyoming news and classifieds
TerraFly software allows users to 'fly' over the U.S.
10.29.01 RNP, Brazil national network of research
View areas of the United States via the Internet
10.27.01 Miami Herald
News - TerraFly
10.26.01 TenLinks.com
USGS and FIU Join Forces to Fly
10.26.01 USGS
USGS and FIU Join Forces to Fly
10.26.01 Florida International University
FIU Unveils Bold New Web Application

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