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TerraFly has developed two main solutions for the Real Estate industry. One, designed for a seller's agent, allows MLS listings to become truly interactive visualization tools that save time and money. The other solution, designed for the buyer's agent, promotes the use of cutting-edge technology for efficient prescreening of properties. Both solutions are described below.

Seller's Agent Subscription Service - The subscription model will allow real estate professionals who utilize the Internet to add relevant aerial images that aid in the visualization of the subject property. This service provides significantly more detail and information about the land and location of the subject property than traditional line maps. This content-rich information, with street and other vector data overlays, could replace traditional line maps in the near future.

Through the subscription model, a website can offer better visual information to its users at a reasonable cost. Relevant and practical information can be overlaid on the imagery to provide value-added content. The demand for high-quality, useful content on the Internet has not diminished; websites must meet these demands to retain their users.

The target customers range from large aggregators of MLS information to small regional brokers who maintain their own listings.

Buyer's Agent Subscription Service - The subscription model will allow the buyer's agent* to show a preview of available properties in a given area via TerraFly. Imagery data can be dynamically overlaid with icons and brief line and point captions, which can indicate names of buildings and prices and sizes of properties for sale; clicking on a marked property will bring up its full brochure in a separate window. This service provides a significant and real cost savings to the buyer's agent by allowing potential buyers to prescreen properties and neighborhoods before making physical visits.

The prospective buyer, taken on a virtual helicopter flight over a neighborhood, can narrow down her choices by seeing the properties' environments, external improvements, and architectural elements, as well as overlaid information about schools, hospitals, industrial areas, or neighborhood demographics. Since this technology has never before been implemented, the Company will offer this service to real estate firms at a very low introductory price. Alternative services will be available for firms that prefer updated imagery and a more frequent refresh of multiple listing service (MLS) data.

Clients for this service include large real estate agencies or county realtor associations providing benefits to member agents.

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* A (de facto) buyer's agent is a real estate professional serving a prospective buyer choosing from a large number of listings, even if said realtor becomes de jure a subagent of the seller of the property selected.