Geocoder: Address to Coordinates Conversion and Inverse

TerraFly provides a B2B geocoding service to convert street addresses to geographical coordinates anywhere in the continental United States. The conversion service can be accessed interactively via a web form, or automatically by a programs via an HTTP web-service protocol, or in batch.


  • High throughput. A single-node web-service node can perform more than 100 address translations per second, making it quick and easy to translate large databases for data mining and proximity searches based on addresses. We can achieve even higher performance (1000 or more translations per second) for batch tasks that can be run locally.
  • High accuracy. We estimated the mean error of address translation to be less than 30 meters (90 feet) from the physical property's center, i.e. would typically fall within the property boundary.
  • Intelligent heuristic searches help resolve old street names, misspelled names, and incomplete addresses, while providing detailed diagnostics of the degree of achieved accuracy. The service is capable of resolving many abbreviations and ambiguities. Very high throughput allows us to run the ambiguous queries multiple times to find the best available street match.
  • Simultaneously searches private and governmental street vector databases to achieve the most accurate and complete street address coverage nationwide.
  • Fault-tolerant operation with a redundant fall-back server.
  • The next release of the service, to be available soon, will also perform reverse address translation: given coordinates, it will find the street address ranges nearby.
  • Inverse geocoding: also available is a reverse geocoder -- to approximate a street address from given coordinates. General information: Technical details: Programmer Interface Specifications: for reverse geocoder:

    Web Service Interface

    The user may submit an HTTP query from a designated set of IP addresses. Each query is a get-data URL containing a full or partial U.S. address. The service returns lat/long (or UTM) coordinates and diagnostics (e.g. “no street supplied — center of zipcode returned”; “Error: street not found, center of city returned”). The user supplies city+state and/or zipcode and optionally a street address.


    Web-service, upto 6 million requests per month: $6000 per month.

    Batch: $1000 per 1 million records.


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